Transport strategies and plans

This page provides information about a number of strategies and long-term plans which are being developed.

Victoria's Bus Plan

Victoria's Bus Plan sets out how we will start to deliver a modern, productive, environmentally sustainable bus network that increases the number of people choosing to take the bus by delivering simple, safe, reliable and comfortable journeys. 

Moving More With Less

Victoria’s high-productivity freight vehicle plan, details how Victoria will get the next generation of newer, cleaner, safer and more productive vehicles onto key freight corridors.

Road Safety Action Plan 2021-2023

The state’s first Road Safety Action Plan will drive down road trauma by focusing on the groups we know are over-represented in deaths and serious injuries on our roads each year.  It is the first in a series of action plans implementing the Victorian Road Safety Strategy 2021- 2030.  

Growing Our Rail Network 2018-2025

The Department of Transport has prepared a Victorian rail network plan for when the Metro Tunnel opens in 2025.

This plan includes an updated network map outlining how the rail network across the state will function when current major projects – including the Metro Tunnel, high capacity signalling, High Capacity Metro Trains and the level crossing removal program – are completed.

Principal Public Transport Network

The Principal Public Transport Network is a key component of Plan Melbourne for transport and land use integration and is reflected in planning schemes across Victoria.

Cycling strategy

A cycling strategy has been released for Victoria, which covers cycling for recreation, sport and exercise as well as for affordable and sustainable transport.