Freight Victoria

Freight Victoria has been established to coordinate the development of an efficient freight and logistics system for Victoria.

Freight Victoria will lead the coordination and delivery of and report on the priorities and actions under the Victorian Freight Plan: Delivering the Goods.

Freight Victoria is the central point of contact for industry, local government and other stakeholders on freight and logistics matters.

It will also coordinate existing industry engagement forums and harness private and public sector investment in Victoria’s freight network.

Victorian Freight Plan

The Victorian government has released a long term, state-wide plan to support Victorian industries involved in the movement of goods.

Total freight volumes are predicted to increase substantially in coming years, led by strong growth in Victoria’s population.

Delivering the Goods sets out short, medium and long-term priorities to support our freight and logistics system through this period of unprecedented growth and rapid change in the broader environment, while allowing us to embrace new opportunities in the future.

Delivering the Goods outlines the initiatives we will take over the next five years to improve how we move Victorian goods to their local, interstate and overseas markets.

It also provides a long term plan to guide investment in the freight network and further strengthen Victoria’s freight advantage.

Victorian Freight Plan: Delivering the Goods [PDF, 2,539KB]

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