Aerial ridesharing to become reality

Aerial ridesharing could become a reality with Melbourne joining Dallas and Los Angeles as one of three launch cities in the world for Uber Air.

Working closely with the Victorian Government, Civil Aviation Safety Authority and other key bodies, Uber Air is preparing to begin demonstrator flights as early as 2020, with a target of launching commercial flights from 2023.

The electric aircraft operate on rechargeable batteries that are expected to use 90 per cent less energy than a helicopter, producing zero direct emissions.

Urban air mobility will add a new dimension to Victoria’s transport network and the potential to greatly reduce travel time.

Victoria has a track record of embracing technology and innovation in transport.

Some of the world’s most progressive ridesharing laws were one of the critical factors in Uber’s decision to select Melbourne as a trial site.

The state introduced Australia’s first fully open and competitive commercial passenger vehicle regulatory model in 2018, which puts passengers first by bringing taxi, hire car and rideshare services together under aligned rules.

Uber Air is coming to Melbourne

Since then, fares and waiting times have dropped and more wheelchair-accessible vehicles are on the road.

Uber Air wants to create direct links to key attractions and major events, boosting Victoria’s tourism and events industry, and has committed to undertake extensive consultation throughout the demonstration period to ensure communities are heard.

The Victorian Government welcomes the opportunity to partner with Uber to help start a new industry that could revolutionise commuter travel across the world.

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