Heathcote volunteer video transcript

[music plays]

[title shows as pop up text]

Supporting local community transport in Heathcote. 

[moving vision: mini bus arrives at the Heathcote Health aged care entrance]

[Vision: Sandra Wilson, Regional Transport Planning Manager, standing in the local park, talking to camera]

The Heathcote volunteer program is actually about supporting volunteers in community transport programs

[moving vision: volunteer driver health a Heathcote health aged care resident walk from the facility to the minibus]

[vision: Dan Douglass, CEO Heathcote Health speaking to camera with the Heathcote Health building in the background]

Essentially community transport is the missing piece

[moving vision: volunteer driver walking over to the parked minibus and opening the boot, so he can assist the resident to board the bus by using the accessible lift.]

[voiceover: Dan Douglass]

Around accessing community health services in rural areas.  

[vision: Robert Peoples, Lead Educator Community (regional) at the Health and Community Centre of Excellence, Bendigo TAFE speaking to camera]

To be a volunteer, I think, the person just needs to have a passion for that. 

[vision switches back to the volunteer driver helping the resident put her seatbelt on]

[voiceover: Robert Peoples] 

Part of that experience would be the training that we can provide

[vision: Bendigo TAFE Health and Community Centre of Excellence]

[vision: Steven Waghorne, volunteer driver at Heathcote Health standing in front of the transport service bus speaking to camera]

I never thought I’d enjoy the job so much as I have. 

[moving vision: Steven driving the minibus up the driveway towards Heathcote Health]

[vision switches to closeup of Heathcote Health resident laughing]

[voiceover: Steven]

I do a lot of the work taking people to the hospital in Bendigo 

[moving vision: Steven walking with the resident]

to help get the residents out to wherever they need to go. 

[vision: Dan Douglass talking to camera]

[voiceover continues: Dan Douglass]

Volunteers are the lifeblood of rural communities. 

[moving vision: minibus driving through Main Street in Heathcote on a sunny day]

[voiceover: Dan Douglass]

They often are the difference between a good service and a great service. 

[Moving vision: minibus arrives at a passenger’s house for the afternoon drop off. Two volunteers help the passenger from the minibus with her walker.] 

[voiceover continues: Dan Douglass]

They give up a lot of things to volunteer and hopefully through proper training and support, we can actually give back to them as volunteers.  

[music plays]

Moving vision: Steven and the Heathcote Health resident walking, towards the camera, up the driveway towards Heathcote Health aged care entrance]

[vision: State Government and Department of Transport logo]