ConnectU video transcript

[upbeat music plays]

[moving vision: White Honda Odyssey (car) driving down a Warrnambool Street. Car pulls into the driveway]

 [title shows as pop up text]

Supporting local transport in Warrnambool – ConnectU. 

[voiceover: Brian McGennan]

“I’ve been a volunteer now for just over three years. Absolutely love the job.”

 [moving vision: Man (Brian) walking to front door, opens screen door and lady (Veronica) is there to greet him.]

Lady (Veronica Leishman): Hello

Man (Brian McGennan): Morning Vonnie. How are you?

Lady: fine thanks. 

[moving vision: Veronica is sitting on the couch in her living room talking to camera]

I’ve been travelling with ConnectU for some time now.

[moving vision: Veronica walking to the car using her walking frame]

[vision: Brian sitting in the driver’s seat of the stationary car, talking to camera]

You get to know them on a very personal level. 

[moving vision of Brian and Veronica walking to the car, talking to each other]

Brian: “You been fit and well, mate?”

Veronica: “Yes, thank you very much.”

Brian: “That’s good.”

[vision: Brian sitting in the driver’s seat of the stationary car, talking to camera]

It’s rewarding to see how much our clients appreciate our service. 

[vision: Jozef Vass, Regional Transport Planning Manager, sitting in the ConnectU office, talking to camera]

What the program does is, it enables us to help the most marginalised and most disadvantaged members of our community. 

[moving vision: Car arriving at building. Brian helps Veronica out of the car]

[vision switches to office: gentleman answers the phone in the Connect U office]

“Good morning, ConnectU.”

[vision: Sam Lucas, Managing Director, Warrnambool Bus Lines and ConnectU board member]

ConnectU provides services for passengers who don’t traditionally fit into other community transport providers models. 

[moving vision: of Veronica at her gym appointment. Veronica is being exercising on an arm bike]

[vision: Janet Stanley, Principal Research Fellow, the University of Melbourne and ConnectU board member]

What’s really important to them is getting out in the community.

[vision of Warrnambool city street, busy with cars]

[voiceover of Veronica Leishman] 

I’m just so comfortable, knowing you’re there and what a great service it is. 

 [Vision of Veronica and Brian in the car

Switches back to Veronica in her lounge room talking to camera and to Brian and Veronica laughing in the moving car] 

[music plays]

[vision: Victorian State Government logo and Department of Transport logo]