Planning next-generation trams

Early design work for Victoria's next generation of trams is under way. This will create opportunities for manufacturers to get involved in a tram project, while partnering with the best in Australia's rolling stock supply chain industry.

We are getting on with the next-generation tram project to support Melbourne’s growth and the future needs of our tram network. 

We have worked with major rolling stock manufacturers on an interactive development process to develop technical proposals for a potential next-generation tram that will fit the requirements of our network.

The business case will also identify and assess any supporting infrastructure requirements, such as depots and maintenance facilities.

Key benefits

The next-generation trams will have better passenger amenity as well as improved accessibility features so people can easily board the trams.  

The new design will address future needs and enable the retirement of the ageing high-floor tram fleet. 

Innovations in energy use, such as onboard energy storage, will reduce the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades to the network. 


Project status


The Department of Transport is currently evaluating the outcomes from the interactive development process and progressing the business case.


About the interactive design process


By working directly with manufacturers on their proposals, we can leverage the maximum benefit to Victoria’s manufacturing industry and create more local jobs.


Several manufacturers will participate in design and engineering workshops to adapt their tram models for the Victorian network.


The design process will provide the Government with several well-informed proposals to choose the best new trams for Victoria’s needs.