Video Transcript: Visitors meet Melbourne's new bigger, better train

[music playing in the background]

[ Displays on the train are being shown to the public]

[ Text on the screen saying]

“ The public Display was opportunity for all Victorians to meet their new train”

“ Giving people their first chance to experience the biggest, most advanced train in Victoria’s history”

“ Young people were invited to experience the new train in a virtual world”

[Emily Harridge Creative Director/VR Consultant starts speaking]

[Kids on computers in the background]

This is an amazing experience for children which allows them to travel through different environments while experiencing the High-Capacity Metro Train.

[Little girl speaking]

I’m here because I’m testing the virtual reality headset.

[Text saying]

On February 6 the model train was moved into the Birrarung Marr for nine days.

[Videos showing the train being moved]

[Member on the public speaking]

[Video of the new train as the girl is speaking]

Heard that there were some new trains coming , really excited to see what they look like, and what cool new features they have.

[another member of the public speaking]

It’s got a lot more standing space and like, long seating areas.

[Another member of the public]

Very, very cool. Very futuristic.

[Another member of the public]

I love the fact that they’ve used design thinking process to engage the public and get the voice of everyone before they designed it.

We’re avid cyclists so it’s great to see spots on the train for that as well.

[Music playing in the background]

[Videos showing the people exploring the train]

[Text saying]

Building the 65 new bigger, better trains will result in 1,100 local jobs including throughout the supply chain.

The new trans will be taking passengers from mid-2019 on the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines and longer term will run through the Metro Tunnel to Sunbury.

[Visuals of white night]

[Text saying]

The public display concluded with a special program as part of Melbourne’s White Night, attracting thousands of Victorians.

Celebrating world class art and pioneering public transport.

For more information on the High Capacity Metro Trains Project:

[music stops]

[Concludes the video]

Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne.