Video Transcript: Usability testing

[Vision: Bigger Trains for a Better Melbourne title on screen. Artist impression image of train. Audio of upbeat music]

[Vision: Transport for Victoria employees in front of life size model High Capacity Metro Train. Michael Dunn from Transport for Victoria speaking]

We’ve got about 100 people here today, and we’ve got them to do a range of simulations and tests to just check how the train design is working.

[Vision: Two female participants in front of model train. One female participant is speaking]

It’s great that they’re actually getting real people to test these things out.

[Vision: Participants sitting inside model train. A deaf female participant is out the front of the train and is speaking and signing]

Just the new train’s beautiful. I love the shape, I like the seats. It’s very fancy. It will be a lot less stress for me, because every time I have to catch the train, I always have to look around at what other people are doing because I can’t hear. So now that we have all of these new features, like the visual board, I just feel a lot more satisfied.

[Vision: Deaf female participant is walking through train and is speaking and signing]

Maybe a few changes that we might need. Like the white background on the visual display board, it should be black, not white. It’s a bit too hard to see.

[Vision: Male participant is sitting on a seat inside the model train. He is speaking]

It looks pretty good. I’m pretty keen to see this in action in Melbourne.

[Vision: Female participant is standing outside of the model train. She is speaking. Vision of participant in wheelchair travelling down platform ramp. Vision of activity participants receiving a briefing]

Being part of the experience, like when it will all come out, I can say that I was part of bringing this out, and like, you know, I could have made a difference.

[Speaker: Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]