Video Transcript: Passenger benefits of bigger, better trains

[Upbeat music plays]

[Title appears]

Melbourne, meet your new train

[Subtitle appears]

Running on the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines from mid-2019

And through the Metro Tunnel to Sunbury from 2026.


[artist’s impression of exterior of the new high capacity metro train]

7 carriages

20 per cent more passengers

[photo of the inside of the life-sized model of the new high capacity metro train]

A single continuous interior

[artist’s impression of exterior of the new high capacity metro train]

High visibility doors

Title appears: Better

[artist’s impression of the new train running through the Metro Tunnel]

Ready for the Metro Tunnel

[artist’s impression two trains running safely close together]

And high capacity signalling for a more frequent service.

[photo of general and priority seating on the life sized model of the new high capacity metro train]

More seats

more spaces

[photo of new mixed use zones, showing flip down seats. Pram and bike zone signage appears. Bike storage signage

appears on window and on the bottom of flip down seating]

New multi-use zones

[photo of passenger information display screens]

Larger screens

better passenger information

[photo of new dynamic route maps]

Dynamic route maps

[artist’s impression from inside the train, weather conditions outside the window changes from sunshine to


Modern heating and cooling to suit our seasons

[photo of CCTV camera on ceiling of train]

More CCTV coverage for security and safety

[artist’s impression of CCTV cameras linking to intercom panels above the seats in allocated spaces]

CCTV linked to intercom

For emergency assistance

[artist’s impression of the outside of the train showing exterior CCTV cameras]

CCTV coverage for boarding and leaving the train

Logos appear: Evolution Rail and Victoria State Government

Made in Victoria for Victoria.

[Music ends]

Victoria State Government logo appears

Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne.