Transcript - Pakenham East depot progress Q4 2018

[music plays]

[vision: travelling High Capacity Metro Train]

[title: High Capacity Metro Trains Project: Bigger trains for a better Melbourne]

[vision switches to moving vision: aerial view panning over fields with excavated dirt tracks]

[narrative appears as pop-up text]

This is the future home of Melbourne’s new High Capacity Metro Trains in Pakenham East

[vision: panning view over construction site moving towards the train maintenance facility]

At 118 hectares, this facility is bigger than 30 Melbourne CBDs

[vision: aerial view panning over the length of the stabling yard with completed railroad tracks]

800 tonnes of steel used building 288 structures

[vision: aerial view panning towards and surrounding the enclosed train maintenance facility]

1500m3 of concrete and 220 tonnes of reinforcing steel used in footings

[vision: aerial view panning over the top of the train maintenance facility]

60,000 tonnes of ballast used

[vision: view panning away from the train maintenance facility]

More than 300 Victorians are hard at work building this facility…

[vision switches: aerial view capturing the field and rail tracks surrounding the train maintenance facility]

over time, 100 full-time jobs are being created

[logos appear – white background with navy blue logos]

[screen turns black with a white logo]

[music ends]


Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne.