Video Transcript: Bigger trains for a better Melbourne

[Title: Bigger trains for a better Melbourne]

[Vision: Artist impression of train moving along track and through tunnel]

Voice over

From mid-2019, you’ll see bigger, better trains carrying thousands more passengers on the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines

[Vision: Map of Victoria]

Which is why we’re building them right now, here in Victoria.

The High Capacity Metro Trains Project will result in one thousand one hundred jobs right across the state.

[Vision: Manufacturing workers clapping, artist impression of train running on line]

Suppliers big and small across Victoria are staffing up to deliver the biggest train order in Victorian history – 65 high capacity metro trains

[Vision: 3D wireframe of the train with different train components highlighted]

There’ll be workers in Morwell, manufacturing the traction and key electrical systems

The train’s bogie frames are being built in Bendigo – putting more people in work

Key components are being created in Hallam, while in nearby Pakenham East, work has started on the state-of-the-art maintenance Depot

[Vision: Drone footage of trucks on Depot construction site]

At the peak of construction, 400 workers will be building the base for 30 of the trains and learning cutting edge construction skills to last a lifetime

[Vision: Workers inside train doing the fit out]

100 long term staff will be needed for ongoing maintenance

[Vision: Timelapse footage of construction at Newport – a new factory is being built]

Over in Newport, there’ll be 175 workers will be on the assembly line, putting the parts together to create the next generation trains that a growing Victoria needs

[Vision: Footage of life size model train – showing exterior and interior. Artist impression of train assembly line]

At the height of manufacturing, there’ll be one new train being delivered out of Melbourne’s west every month – the end result of a seamless, state-wide manufacturing experience

[Vision: Map of Victoria and world globe. Photo of worker welding]

The contributions by local businesses across the state will set Victoria up to be a future train supplier to Australia and the world– promising more jobs for more Victorians, for many more years to come.

[Vision: Artist impression of train. Evolution Rail logo]

Bigger trains for a better Melbourne. Made in Victoria, for Victoria

[VICTORIA State Government]

[Speaker: Authorised by Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne]