The Victorian Government is investing $80 billion in major transport infrastructure and smart technology projects underway to build more capacity on existing networks and fund improvements across road, rail and port.

Modern and reliable transport will be key to maintaining our prosperity and world famous liveability as our population continues to grow rapidly and the economy changes.

Projects Description
High Capacity Metro Trains
Victoria is building 65 next-generation high capacity trains for the metropolitan network.
Melbourne Airport Rail Link Melbourne Airport Rail is a once-in-a-generation transformation of Victoria’s transport network, connecting Melbourne Airport with a rail service for the first time. 
Suburban Rail Loop The Suburban Rail Loop is a proposed new rail network forming a circle around Melbourne’s suburbs and connecting every major rail line from the Frankston line to the Werribee line via Melbourne Airport.

The 90-kilometre loop would have at least 15 new station connections, including 12 new potential underground stations. 
Geelong Fast Rail  

Geelong Fast Rail will deliver faster services between Geelong and Melbourne’s CBD with a travel time of around 50 minutes enabled through a major investment to the Werribee corridor between Werribee and Newport.

Regional Network Development Plan The Regional Network Development Plan guides the short, medium and long term priorities needed to modernise the network - with more track, more train, better facilities and more services.
Port Rail Shuttle We’re investing in projects to take trucks off roads and connect the Port of Melbourne to major freight hubs using the existing rail network.
The Metro Tunnel We're building the Metro Tunnel to free up space in the City Loop to run more trains in and out of the city.
Level crossing removals

We're removing 75 dangerous and congested level crossings to improve travel and get you home safer and sooner.

We've done a rigorous analysis to support this $6.6 billion investment in removing level crossings that are slowing down traffic and putting lives at risk.

West Gate Tunnel We're taking trucks out of Melbourne's west and providing a vital alternative to the West Gate Bridge.
North East Link We're completing the missing link in Melbourne's road network to take trucks off local streets, relieve congestion in the northern suburbs and provide direct access to Melbourne Airport.
Regional Rail Revival Regional Rail Revival is a $1.75 billion package of works that will improve every regional passenger line, delivering key elements of Victoria's Regional Network Development Plan.
Murray Basin Rail Project The $440 million project is standardising and upgrading 1055 kilometres of track in Victoria’s north-west to move more freight by rail, boost exports and regional economic development.
Monash Freeway Upgrade We're adding new lanes to the Monash Freeway, where they're needed most, to provide faster, safer and more reliable journeys for 200,000 motorists every day.