Our fair share

A fair share of transport funding for Victoria.

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Victoria has 26% of Australia's population, but only receives 18% of infrastructure fundingVictoria is the fastest growing state and economy in the nation.

That’s why the Victorian Government is building major projects like the North East Link and the Metro Tunnel and delivering the biggest investment in regional and suburban roads in Victoria's history. 

Victoria’s share of national infrastructure funding is 18% over the next five years, despite Victoria having 26% of the population.  

A fair share of transport infrastructure funding would enable greater investment in the major projects a growing Victoria needs now to meet demand for the future.

Current investment in transport infrastructure

The Victorian Government is making a record investment in transport infrastructure.

A fair share of funding from Canberra would mean getting on with the projects a growing Victoria needs, like the new Suburban Rail Loop and better rail services to the fast-growing western suburbs and regional rail, road and port upgrades.  

The Victorian Government’s multi-billion-dollar pipeline of new transport infrastructure includes building the Metro Tunnel, the West Gate Tunnel, removing 75 level crossings and upgrades to every regional rail line

There is also the biggest investment in regional and suburban roads in Victoria's history. 

Victoria's Big Build includes:

Projects like Suburban Rail Loop, North East Link and regional upgrades to rail and roads would benefit from a fairer share of Canberra’s funding. 

Find out more at bigbuild.vic.gov.au.  

We are creating over 450,000 new jobs

Creating jobs

Victoria accounts for 26% of the nation’s population and our economy generates more jobs than anywhere else in the nation.

Since 2014, 450,000 jobs have been created across Victoria. 

Big projects mean more jobs for Victorians.  

The transport infrastructure projects already in delivery are creating tens of thousands of jobs across all types of sectors, from construction and engineering, to human resources and administration.
The more we invest, the more jobs we create – and that’s good news for Victorians. 

To find out more about jobs from transport projects, visit Big Build Jobs.

Our economy has grown by 3.5%A strong economy 

Victoria’s economy grew by 3.5 per cent in 2018-19, much faster than the national economy, and our population has grown by 460,000 since mid-2006. 

It’s time for Canberra to give Victoria its fair share of infrastructure funding.