Hybrid buses

As part of the Victorian Budget 2020/21, the Victorian Government will also invest $20 million in a state-wide trial of zero-emission buses to run over the next three years.

There are currently 40 hybrid buses operating in Melbourne and eight in the Latrobe Valley, and Victoria’s first fully electric bus is also being trialled.

The electric bus is currently in its second trial phase, now running on Route 251 between the city and Northland Shopping Centre, clocking up more than 32,900 kilometres and travelling nearly 1,000 kilometres on just two charges, demonstrating the efficiency and range of its 324 kW Lithium Phosphate batteries.

During its first 300 days on the road, the Victorian-built electric bus saved 61 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. 

This is equivalent to over 30,000 kilos of coal burned, or over 23,000 kilometres driven by an average car. It could power 10.4 houses for a year, or charge over 7 million smart phones.

The trial will support the Victorian economy. with a boost to the transport equipment manufacturing and electricity supply sectors, driving the local development of skills and innovation and contributing to regional economies where some existing manufacturers are already established.

Electric bus