Safer roads in our hands

We all have a part to play in saving lives on Victorian roads.

Avoidable, high-risk driver behaviour has fatal consequences on Victorian roads, and we have a shared responsibility to follow the rules and make good decisions to put an end to road trauma. 

In 2020, statistics show that speeding and driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol were key factors in fatal collisions on our roads.

The crucial role of seatbelts was highlighted in the 2020 statistics, as well as the importance of driving in the safest car you can afford.

Regional roads were again overrepresented in fatalities in 2020, with 126 lives lost, accounting for more than half of state’s road deaths. Excessive speed was a major factor in fatal road crashes in country Victoria last year.

Through our new Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030, we have committed to embedding a strong culture of road safety within the community, increasing levels enforcement, and building safer infrastructure to protect our vulnerable road users.

As part of this commitment, we’ll be developing more holistic policies to stop drink drivers in their tracks and prevent reoffending, getting young and inexperienced drivers into safer cars, and deploying innovative high-tech cameras across Victoria to hold distracted drivers on mobile phones to account.

Road deaths are preventable, and we are more committed than ever to drive down the number of lives lost on Victoria’s roads.