Better Boating Fund

The Government has delivered on its commitment to establish the Better Boating Fund and return every dollar of marine licensing and boat registration fees to improving boating safety and facilities.

Legislation was passed in November 2020 in the Legislative Council to establish the Better Boating Fund, delivering on an election commitment to establish a dedicated fund for boating.

Frequently asked questions

Why is the Better Boating Fund being established?

Establishing the Better Boating Fund is a Government election commitment and has been developed in direct response to boating stakeholder requests that all revenue raised from marine licences and vessel registration be returned to the recreational boating sector.  

What are the key elements of the Better Boating Fund?

We have listened to our stakeholders and heard that greater transparency and certainty of funding is required to improve access and support growth in recreational boating in the future.

The amount going into the Better Boating Fund (the Trust Account) is to be equivalent of all revenue generated from marine licences and vessel registration.

The legislation will:

  • establish a new Trust Account called the Better Boating Fund
  • guarantee that funding can only be spent on boating related facilities, services, safety and education
  • establish annual public reporting requirements to provide the transparency that our stakeholders have requested.

What can the Better Boating Fund be used for?

The legislative provisions authorise the Minister or Treasurer to approve expenditure from the fund on:

  • provision and maintenance of boating facilities and related services
  • boating safety, boating education and boating promotion programs
  • safe use of recreational vessels
  • safe use of state waters

How will the Better Boating Fund be allocated?

Allocations will be determined in close consultation with our boating stakeholders to ensure that their priorities are taken into consideration.  

The development of a boating strategy will be fundamental in helping determine the priorities for investment. This will be co-designed with key boating stakeholders and developed as a matter of priority once the legislation has been introduced.

When will the Better Boating Fund be established?

The Better Boating Fund will commence on 1 July 2021.

When will boating stakeholders be engaged to develop a boating strategy?

The development of a boating strategy will commence shortly and this will be co-designed with stakeholders to ensure priorities are identified.

A Ministerial Boating Round Table is being established to support this process.If you would like to be considered for membership of the Round Table we would encourage you to complete the Expression of Interest form here. Applications close on Wednesday 25 November 2020 at 23:59pm.

Public engagement is also expected throughout the development of the strategy, to ensure all boaters have an opportunity to provide feedback.

Further information about the boating strategy will be released when available.