Transport is one of our most important assets, which is why the Department of Transport connects with communities to hear from all users as we plan for the future.

The Department is committed to working with community and stakeholders to help shape transport outcomes.

We value community contributions and are dedicated to working with all Victorians to deliver transport planning projects and initiatives valued by the community.

Our teams travel across the state to discuss transport initiatives with communities through information sessions, workshops, forums and many other channels.

Engage Victoria

We also welcome community members to provide feedback on initiatives they are interested in through our online platform.

As we provide accessible transport for all, our approach to engagement must be easy for all members of the community to have their say. 

We recognise and respect the specific needs and values of diverse communities and aim to engage in a way that best meets the expectations of each community. 

For more information on our upcoming engagement activities, please visit Engage Victoria or email us at [email protected].