Young transport professionals selected for leadership committee

Three members of the Department of Transport family have been selected for the prestigious UITP Australia New Zealand Emerging Mobility Leaders Committee.

ITS Program Support Officer Nazanin Moghaddam Tabrizi, Rolling Stock Development Mechanical Engineer Shanil Perera and V/Line Accessibility Manager Louise Hockey

(L-R) ITS Program Support Officer Nazanin Moghaddam Tabrizi, Rolling Stock Development Mechanical Engineer Shanil Perera and V/Line Accessibility Manager Louise Hockey

V/Line Accessibility Manager Louise Hockey, Rolling Stock Development Mechanical Engineer Shanil Perera and ITS Program Support Officer Nazanin Moghaddam Tabrizi have been identified as emerging leaders in transport, joining the committee that aims to bring together young professionals working in the region’s public transport sector, while advancing their own skills and experience.

Louise says the opportunity to have the ear of UITP and bring the experience of young people in the industry to the table will be invaluable.

“It’s so important to gain ideas and develop solutions drawing from a wide range of experiences.

“As a committee member, I also really want to empower new entrants to the sector with skill development and networking opportunities to ensure the industry attracts the best and brightest.”

Shanil agrees, explaining that he is passionate about improving the training and education available in the transport sector.

“I found that if you’re not in the industry, it’s very hard to learn about. There are very limited transport-specific courses at universities and other education providers, especially in rolling stock.”

He is also looking forward to creating connections and sharing knowledge with other parts of Australia and New Zealand with a view to improving the transport experience in Victoria.

“If you have issues going on with rolling stock in other parts of Australia, it’s always good for us to know down here in Melbourne because we could face something similar.

“If you’ve made those connections and networks, you’re able to gain the knowledge and utilise it. So the committee presents a lot of opportunities for me in terms of professional development and it enables the department to establish and strengthen vital networks.”

For Nazanin, she hopes being part of the committee will help bridge the gap between decision-makers and the end user, aiming to create a space where young professionals can learn and be courageous enough to explore their own ideas.

“With so many transport infrastructure projects, we are building it now with the information we have now, but there’s a break between the people who make the decisions and the people in the future who actually have to live with the consequences of the project, good or bad.

“I want to provide an opportunity for both myself and other people at my level to first of all gain a stronger understanding of how these decisions are made, but also find out how we can have an influence to both improve the outcome and help our own professional progression.”

Nazanin says the committee is also eager to hear from other young transport professionals in the region to ensure they capture as many perspectives as possible.

“Every committee is only as strong as its members and their passion and their involvement. If anyone has any recommendations, any criticism, any big visions (even if it sounds ridiculous), I’d love to know them!” 

The Department of Transport would like to congratulate Louise, Shanil and Nazanin on their selection to the Emerging Mobility Leaders Committee, and we look forward to supporting each of you as your careers progress.