Working Together To Fund A Better Boating Future

Members of the boating community will be offered the chance to play an integral part in the future of recreational boating, with Expressions of Interest now open for the Better Boating Fund roundtable.

Members of the Ministerial roundtable will have the opportunity to co-design the Victorian Recreational Boating Strategy, which will determine what the state’s boating priorities should be.

The landmark Better Boating Fund will ensure every cent of the approximately $31 million of boat licensing and registration fees collected each year goes straight back into the industry.

The dedicated Fund guarantees that boat ramps will be maintained properly, education programs are funded, and more promotion is done to increase participation.

Each year the details of the amount collected from licencing and registration fees, how much was spent and which projects were funded will be reported to Parliament.

A passionate and experienced panel of boaters and industry leaders are sought for the roundtable to help decide which areas of recreational boating are focused on.

The broader boating community will also be asked for input as the boating strategy is formed.

All boat ramp parking and launching fees have already been abolished, saving families up to $315 a year on annual parking permits.

A major $40 million investment is also going towards upgrading six priority boat ramps across the state. Work is underway at the Hastings boat ramp and Cowes Jetty, and planning for the upgrades of Mordialloc, Queenscliff, Point Richards and Rhyll boating facilities is progressing.

Recreational boating supports more than 20,000 jobs and is worth almost $8 billion a year to the Victorian economy, with the number of boating registrations increasing by 2.5 per cent on average each year over the past eight years.

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