Welcoming international firefighters to our shores

For international firefighters here on our shores, the difference between safety and catastrophe can come down to the all-important briefing.

Department of Transport crews alongside CFA firefighters and other emergency crews, have been running special road law and safety briefings for international firefighters deployed to assist our crews.

Teams from across the globe have arrived to help fight fires in Victoria. Fire fighters hailed from Canada, the US, New Zealand, Singapore and Papua Guinea.

Department of Transport, emergency services and CFA Teams ran four Victorian Road Law briefing sessions at the Victorian Emergency Management Institute in Mount Macedon to the North American crews.

The briefing sessions ensured US and Canadian firefighters were confident to drive on our roads, were informed of Victorian road laws, and understood what they might face going into fire-affected areas.

More than 200 international firefighters and emergency personnel attended the sessions. They were instructed on our road rules such as slowing down to 40km when passing emergency vehicles, and remembering to keep to the left.

Crews were also briefed on our distracted driving laws around mobile phone usage, interpreting road signs, and warning and advisory signs, and navigating roundabouts. They also learnt what to do when encountering wildlife.

The Department of Transport, and other Victorian agencies are grateful for the helping hand from our international services teams.

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