Welcome Development Victoria

Transport is not just about moving people and goods; it’s about creating places.

That’s why we’re partnering with Development Victoria (DV) to ensure we are best placed to deliver these important services and keep our communities connected. 

As the state’s developer, DV delivers residential and public spaces, as well as significant capital works programs like Melbourne Park, the Arts Centre Precinct, and Gasworks.  

This new partnership is part of a holistic approach to precinct planning, bringing the design capability, precinct policy expertise and commercial acumen of DV into our integrated transport space. 

DoT and DV have already been working in partnership on the Suburban Rail Loop and we look forward to collaborating on further projects to build precincts which generate economic growth and social inclusion. 

As we work towards a common goal of connecting communities, we are proud to welcome DV to our transport family. Together, we will build places that Victorians are proud to call home.