Late-night weekend public transport on pause for curfew

To support the current restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne and help stop the spread of coronavirus, weekend late-night transport services will not run while the curfew is in place.

They city’s trains, trams and buses will not run between 1am and 5am on Saturday and between 1am and 6am on Sunday for the next two weeks.

A normal timetable will continue to run at all other times to ensure essential workers and those who must travel for a permitted reason can get where they need to go.

In metropolitan Melbourne, there are currently only five reasons to leave home: for essential food and supplies, authorised work, care and caregiving, exercise, and getting vaccinated.
Masks must be worn everywhere, except in your home. If you're travelling on public transport, or in a taxi or rideshare service, you must wear a fitted mask covering your nose and mouth for the entire journey.
QR codes have been rolled out across the public transport network to keep passengers safe and support the Department of Health’s contact tracing efforts to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Check-in every time you see a QR code and register your myki so that we can contact you if you've travelled on a public transport service that's been identified as a COVID-19 exposure site.  

Registering your myki helps with contact tracing. You can easily register at, via the PTV app or by calling 1800 800 007. 

Learn more about current restrictions and exposure sites.