Tram collisions on the rise

Victorian motorists and pedestrians are being reminded of the dangers posed by trams and trains as part of Rail Safety Week.

Melbourne’s CBD is home to five of the ten top hotspots for tram and vehicle collisions, with 226 motorist-tram collisions in 2018, including 77 on Collins Street, 42 on Flinders and Elizabeth streets, 37 on Bourke Street and 28 on La Trobe Street.

Outside the CBD, there were 52 crashes recorded on St Kilda Road, 40 on Nicholson Street, 34 on Toorak Road and Bridge Road and 28 on Clarendon Street.

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The figures also show 97 per cent of the collisions were the fault of motorists with 70 per cent of the incidents caused by motorists not looking for trams when turning right, U turning or merging.

Across the entire tram network, there were more than 1,100 collisions and 500 near misses with motorists in 2018, up from around 970 in 2017. The collisions resulted in 20 people suffering serious injuries.

These incidents also severely disrupt the tram network and impact traffic flow with an average of 10 trams out of service at any one time because of a collision.

Distractions can also be fatal for pedestrians crossing train and tram tracks. The public is being urged to stop using phones and turn their headphone volume down while using pedestrian crossings.

The Victorian Government is improving safety around trams and trains – carrying out kerb separation works across the tram network and removing dangerous and congested level crossings.

Rail Safety Week is a TrackSAFE Foundation initiative. For more information, visit


Tram collision hotspots for Rail Safety Week