Take care in heavy rainfall

The Department of Transport is urging motorists to take care, plan journeys and, if possible, delay travel following heavy rainfall across the state.

The Bureau of Meteorology has also issued a road weather alert calling on motorists to slow down and use extreme care.

The VicRoads incident response crew is currently busy assisting motorists, attending collisions and breakdowns and implementing closures around flooded roads across Melbourne.

To ensure all road users can stay as safe as possible, motorists are encouraged to be vigilant at all times and ensure there are no distractions that will take their focus off the road as conditions can change quickly.

They are also reminded to ensure they leave extra space between them and the car in front, as braking distances increase in wet conditions.

Be sure to turn headlights on and be extra vigilant for cyclists and motorbikes which are harder to see.

Don't walk, ride or drive through flood water. Cars can float in as little as 15cm of water – that’s water the depth of an average pen. 

Real-time traffic conditions are available at traffic.vicroads.vic.gov.au or via the VicTraffic mobile app.