Slowing down to keep our road workers safe

The everyday dangers faced by Victorian roadside workers and first responders are at the centre of a new road safety campaign urging motorists to slow down.

The TAC campaign profiles five people who either work on the roads or for emergency services, and highlights how their safety is at stake when people speed or drive dangerously past them.

Using the popular ‘Humans of the Road’ format across digital channels, the campaign aims to further raise awareness around the safety of first responders and roadside workers, and remind motorists of the laws in place to protect them.

Since 2017, it has been law in Victoria to slow down to 40 km/h or less, when passing law enforcement and emergency services that are active or with lights flashing.

In addition, it is law to slow down to the posted speed limit when passing other roadside workers.

Despite the laws, too many motorists continue to speed and drive dangerously when passing these workers, putting their lives at risk.

Victoria Police actively enforce motorists slowing to 40km/h when passing a stationary emergency vehicle with emergency lights flashing. In 2020 alone, police issued 503 infringements for this offence. 

The penalty for breaching the rule is 1.75 penalty units ($272.05), with the maximum court penalty of 5 penalty units ($777.30).

Drivers can be detected by a laser or other speed measuring device, in-car video, and emergency workers can also make reports to police if they witness an incident.