School speed zones keeping kids safe

With the school holidays coming to an end and students heading back to school this week, Victorians are asked to make safe driving their number-one priority.

When many students head back to class on Monday morning, school speed zones will be in force from 8am.

School speed zones are designed to keep pedestrians safe by lowering the speed limit at peak times when children are travelling to and from school.

In most cases, the speed limit during school speed zone times is 40km/h when the original speed limit is less than 80km/h, or 60km/h when the original speed limit is 80km/h or higher.

These speed limit and operating times will be clearly displayed on nearby signs.

The reduced speed limit is in place from 8-9.30am and 2.30-4pm on weekdays during Victorian school terms.

To help keep kids safe, drivers should be extra cautious, as young children can be unpredictable and difficult to see.

School crossing supervisors will also be back, helping children cross the road safely while coming to and from school.

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