Safe driving in dust storms

Motorists are should be aware of the increased risk of dust storms this afternoon in the north-west region of Victoria, and the impact this may have while driving.

Dust storms have the potential to reduce visibility and can pose a hazard for all road users.

If a dust storm occurs, drivers should delay travel if possible, use extreme caution when getting behind the wheel and follow the direction of emergency services.

If travel is unavoidable, we suggest motorists use their headlights on low-beam to make sure they can see and be seen, even during the day.

Windows should be closed and air-conditioning set to recirculation to stop dust from entering the car.

Drivers should increase the space between themselves and the vehicle in front to allow safe braking distance.

If visibility deteriorates and it becomes unsafe to continue driving, motorists should pull over. The use of hazard lights and parking off the roadway will help avoid collisions.

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