Road rule refresher putting drivers to the test

As more Victorians return to the roads, a new road rule education tool has launched online to help everyone brush up on their road safety knowledge.

The new VicRoads interactive Road Rule Education Online platform provides the latest road rule content to help Victorians better understand safe driving and sharing the road.

Users can test their knowledge with interactive videos, graphics and quizzes on road safety issues including safe vehicles and speed, as well as right of way, parking, line marking and road signs.

Quizzes include how to share the road safely with others, such as motorcyclists, cyclists and heavy vehicles, and tips for driving in wet weather.

Rules around giving way and slowing down for emergency services and right of way at intersections are also featured.

Road Rule Education Online means Victorians can easily refresh their knowledge and jump in and out of different modules at a time and pace that suits them.

It follows the launch of the popular Learners Permit and Hazard Perception online tests, which have been used by more than 174,000 Victorians and helped new drivers build their knowledge before taking their test.