Restoring access after Victorian bushfires

The Department of Transport is dedicated to restoring all modes of transport as part of our integrated response to Victoria's bushfires.

Our statewide teams and agencies are working 24/7 alongside the Country Fire Authority, Forest Fire Management Victoria, Victoria police, the Australian Defence Force to restore access to areas affected by the bushfires and enable safe and efficient mobility across all communities.
Visit VicEmergency for incidents and warnings. 

Visit VicTraffic for road closure information.

Visit PTV for service disruptions.

General advice

  • Only authorised personnel should be travelling in bushfire affected areas in East Gippsland, Upper Murray or the Alpine areas.
  • Conditions can change quickly, so it’s important to follow the directions of emergency services at all times. 
  • Smoke from nearby fires has the potential to reduce visibility and poses a hazard, especially at night and in low-lying areas. 
  • Motorists should use their headlights on low-beam to make sure they can see and be seen, even during the day. 
  • Windows should be closed and air-conditioning set to recirculation to reduce the smell of smoke inside the car. 
  • Drivers should increase the space between themselves and the vehicle in front to allow safe braking distance. 
  • If visibility deteriorates and it becomes unsafe to continue driving, motorists should pull over. The use of hazard lights and parking off the roadway will help avoid collisions, which are common during bushfires.