Replacing deadly airbags

The Victorian Government is taking action to remove dangerous Takata alpha airbags from our roads.

There are still more than 400 vehicle owners who have not responded to the recall order, risking serious injury or death.

Registration sanctions may be applied if the airbags are not replaced.

Since the ACCC ordered a national, mandatory recall of the Takata alpha airbags in February 2018, VicRoads has been assisting manufacturers to contact vehicle owners.

Before registration sanctions commence, VicRoads will write to owners informing them that this is their last chance to act. Affected owners should contact their local authorised brand dealer immediately to organise a replacement airbag at no cost.

The move follows multiple attempts by vehicle manufacturers to contact the affected owners including letters, phone calls, emails and door-knocking.

The potential registration sanctions apply to vehicles with the Takata alpha airbags which are subject to a compulsory, national recall including certain Honda, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Mazda and Lexus models manufactured between 2001 and 2004.

There has been 29 reported deaths and more than 320 injuries worldwide from the Takata alpha airbags, including one death and one serious injury in Australia.

Check if your vehicle has been affected by the recall.