Reflecting on Rail R U OK? Day

Rail R U OK? Day is one of the most important events on the rail industry calendar.

Metro Trains Rehana Rehman

It’s a day that holds extra significance and poignancy for the Metro Train’s team of Multi-Modal Authorised Officers (MMAOs) who gather to reflect on the day and its deeply personal connection.

Three years ago, one of their much-loved colleagues died from self-harm 

Since the tragedy, the MMAO team has committed to an ongoing discussion and providing support to team members, with the R U OK? conversation a feature of every meeting, every day. 

Team leader Rehana Rehman said the conversation involved a “welfare check” at start of each shift to ensure everyone is ok to be at work, and again at day’s end.

“We do it at anytime we see anyone maybe looking a bit down,” Rehana said. “You build personal relationships and you start to recognise when people are not being themselves at work from their manner or body language.”

“It’s important to follow up and provide ongoing support to the person through active listening and encouraging them to get the support they need and then regularly checking in to make sure they’re travelling OK.

“As a leader, my role is to make my staff are okay to be at work and the best version of themselves, not only at work but when they go home to their family and loved ones.”

Rehana said Metro Trains provided numerous support programs, including a peer support program, wellness advocate program and employee assistance program. 

“All these things help build rapport among people which then morphs into a relationship. You need a good relationship and a rapport to build trust within the team,” she said.

And it’s not just Rehana asking her team of 23 Authorised Officers if they’re OK.

“My manager checks in with me regularly to make sure I am OK, and my team also reaches out to me to ask if I’m okay, so they are leading from the front as well. I also have my husband and my family in the background supporting me,” she said.

Metro Trains proudly partners with R U OK? and the TrackSAFE Foundation to create a stronger, safer and more supportive rail industry.

Rail R U OK? Day inspires rail employees to look out for one another during life’s ups and downs by asking “Are you OK?” and really listening to the answer.

“Rail R U OK? Day reminds us what we need to do as a team to support each other through difficult periods,” Rehana said. 

“It’s had as massive impact on the health and wellbeing of me and my colleagues because there’s less of a stigma around mental health and more people are coming to work feeling safer and knowing they are being supported.

“It’s allowed us to have open communication with our team. One conversation can change a life.”

Metro Trains Rehana Rehman