Redefining public transport transcript

Paul Younis (Secretary, Department of Transport): Melbourne's population is growing significantly.

PY: We've got a population approaching five million people.

PY: We're investing $25 billion into Melbourne, and over $50 billion into the Victorian network to really move people out of their cars and onto an integrated, public transport network.

Jeroen Weimar (CEO, Public Transport Victoria): The big story for us on the Metro Train system is the removal of level crossings, the building of the Metro Tunnel and the introduction of our new high-capacity Metro train.

JW: And in the next few years, we'll be introducing high-capacity signalling - the very first time that's been introduced anywhere on the Australian continent.

Evan Tattersall (CEO, Rail Projects Victoria): The Metro Tunnel project, it's a massive city-shaping project that will change the way the capacity of Melbourne's rail network functions.

ET: Nine kilometres of twin tunnels and five new underground stations adds almost 50% of capacity to our existing network.

JW: Public transport is the lifeblood of Melbourne. 

JW: Over the coming years, we will transform our network to meet the needs of Melburnians today and all of the future citizens of tomorrow.