Pedestrian and school safety package to help save lives

A new building blitz at intersections around the state will focus on improving safety for families and school children at over 55 schools, shopping strips and intersections.

The jointly funded $19.5 million Pedestrian and Safer Schools Program will roll out across regional and urban Victoria from early next year.

A combination of electronic speed limit signs, pedestrian operated lights, raised zebra crossings and pedestrian islands will be installed in busy and high-risk areas to help pedestrians, school children, cyclists and motorists share the roads safely.

The package is designed to protect vulnerable road users while supporting local jobs, building on a $63 million School and Community Safety Program, which funds construction of new crossings and more variable speed signs in school zones, improving safety for students and their families.

Electronic signs are designed to remind drivers of reduced speed limits when entering a school zone or a busy precinct, while other improvements to intersections will boost pedestrian visibility and connectivity.

In total, the Australian Government has committed $71.5 million and the Victorian Government $25.7 million to fund Targeted Road Safety Works across Victoria.