On-road dining to support Victoria's roadmap for reopening

The Department of Transport (DoT) is working with local councils to support Victorian cafes and restaurants looking to create new spaces for outdoor dining and entertainment service.

Outdoor dining and entertainment will be a feature of the hospitality sector as cafes and restaurants prepare to reopen their businesses in a COVIDSafe way. 

Local councils will need to seek approval from DoT to temporarily allocate on-road space for the purpose of dining and entertainment.

When is DoT approval required? 

Council will need DoT approval for any temporary on-road dining proposals that include:

  • the use of part of an arterial road normally used for car parking or traffic lanes
  • traffic control devices to be placed on arterial roads to facilitate local road or off-road temporary outdoor dining major traffic control devices that require DoT approval for use on local roads
  • a temporary reduction of speed limits to below 40km/h on local roads
  • the use of an arterial road or a local road with a clearway
  • any potential impact to public transport (causes may include road closures, detours, service cancellations, stop relocation or closure, delays due to closed lanes or lowered speed limits)any impact on the function of traffic signals (causes may include road closures, closed turn lanes, signal changes for detour routes).

The transport network will play an important role in supporting Victoria’s economic recovery and on-road dining proposals will be assessed with consideration to road network operations, the impact on road users and the safety of diners and road users.  

How to apply

Details on the application process are available on the VicRoads website.

Businesses interested in exploring temporary on-road dining should contact their relevant local council. 

For more information regarding approvals for temporary on-road dining, please email [email protected].