New Working Group To Keep Supply Chain Moving

The Victorian Government is continuing to work with the freight and logistics industry to keep the supply chain moving by forming a Container Storage Working Group.

Chaired by Freight Victoria's Executive Director Praveen Reddy, the group includes representatives from across the shipping industry, stevedores, transport operators, peak bodies, and government.

A collaboration between government and critical industry leaders will help to maintain and progress Victoria's freight advantage.

It will also monitor ongoing challenges faced since the start of the pandemic, which have impacted supply chains on a national and international level.

COVID-related labour shortages have affected the movement of containers through the supply chain at the Port of Melbourne, as well as at warehouse and logistics precincts.

An increase in consumer demand and container shortages have also created disruption.  

As supply chains return to normal, the capacity to store full and empty shipping containers has become more pressing. The working group meetings will analyse current pressures on the storage of shipping containers and provide possible solutions.

The Victorian freight network underpins the state's economy, providing industries and consumers access to products they need and connecting producers to national and global markets. The Ports and Freight sector adds $21 billion to the state's economy each year and supports 260,000 jobs.

The working group commenced discussions in late February and will convene weekly until the end of April.