New terminal takes trucks off roads

A new rail freight terminal in Victoria’s north is delivering jobs for locals and exporting Victorian hay to the booming Asian market.

The QUBE Ultima Intermodal Terminal officially opened last week, creating jobs for the local community and helping to take truck trips off roads by moving more freight onto rail.

Their operations have been helped by a recent $23 million upgrade of the Manangatang freight line.

The upgrade, including new sleepers and ballast, will allow trains carrying hay, grain and other agricultural produce to port to travel more safely and efficiently.  

Two trains a week currently service the Ultima facility, but it’s expected that will expand to three or four.

QUBE, Pentarch Agricultural and Pickering Transport invested $3.65 million in the facility which has delivered a jobs boost for the small Mallee town.

Pentarch markets Australian oaten hay, cottonseed and other grain internationally and the new facility will generate millions of dollars in new exports to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China.