New technology making Victorian roads safer

The Australian and Victorian governments are trialling innovative new technologies to help reduce death and injury on regional roads in Victoria.

In a first for regional Victoria, LED tactile paving will be installed at pedestrian crossings in Bendigo and Trafalgar.

Trials of glow-in-the-dark line marking and signage, and high reflectivity paint are also being rolled out at locations across the state.

Driving down road trauma and ensuring more Victorians make it home safely every day is at the core of the Victorian Government’s Road Safety Strategy 2021–2030.

Due for installation later this month, the paving changes colour to match the red/green phases of the pedestrian signals.

This provides a clearer signal for pedestrians, including those looking down at the road or on their phone, when it’s safe to cross the road.

Glow-in-the-dark line markings or signage is being trialled on roads in the east, south west and north of the state, and on a shared user path in Bendigo, from September.

It looks and functions like ordinary line marking in daylight but emits stored light enhancing its visibility to road users when dark.

High reflectivity paint, which stays brighter for longer and is more durable, is being trialled on roads in Gippsland and the south west of the state to test its long-term effectiveness.

More information is available on the Regional Roads Victoria website.