Gilles Street crossing open to community

Safer and more direct access to the Warrnambool waterfront is on its way with a public crossing at Gilles Street.

The $300,000 passive maze crossing will provide a shorter route between the town and the foreshore.

This type of crossing was chosen to encourage pedestrians and cyclists to slow down and pay attention when crossing the rail line due to its maze-like shape.

The Gilles Street access road was historically used by pedestrians to access the waterfront prior to the installation of physical barriers to deter trespassers due to safety concerns. It is not currently accessible to the public.

In response to the community’s calls for public access to the crossing, the Department of Transport has been working closely with V/Line as part of investigations into the possible construction of a crossing at the location.

V/Line has already completed initial site inspections and detailed designs for the pedestrian crossing.

Contractor Sterling Infrastructure has been appointed to complete construction of the new crossing, with works expected to be completed in the coming months.

Until the works are completed, pedestrians are reminded the only safe place to cross the rail line is at a designated pedestrian crossing.

The nearest existing pedestrian crossings are at the Pertobe Road overpass or the Wellington Street pedestrian crossing.