New Data Highlights Confronting Motorcycle Safety Habits

New data from a survey of almost 1,000 motorcyclists has highlighted concerning attitudes toward speeding and protective gear, prompting a safety reminder from the TAC.

Findings from an annual 2021 Motorcycle Safety Monitor Report by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) shows an increase in respondents admitting to exceeding the speed limit in a 60km/h zone (41 per cent), while 45 per cent confess to exceeding the limit in a 100km/h speed zone.

When it comes to protective riding gear, nearly all active riders wear a helmet ‘all the time’ (96 per cent). However, the report revealed that just over half (55 per cent) of respondents are wearing proper motorcycle riding pants every ride, while the wearing of boots on every ride has declined (76 per cent in 2020 vs 68 per cent in 2021).

TAC research shows contusions, abrasions and lacerations are the second-most common type of injury sustained from on-road motorcycle crashes in Victoria, behind fractured limbs. Over the last five years, on average, the TAC has received around 2,500 motorcyclist claims per year, equating to around $115 million annually in compensation and medical bills.

The findings come as Victorian motorcycle riders share confronting stories of when protective gear has saved their lives, as part of a new campaign urging their fellow riders to gear up every time they hit the road.

The TAC have launched ‘The Gear Box, which tells the story of five motorcycle riders who have experienced road trauma that would have been worse, if not for their safety gear.

At the centre of the campaign is a five-part video series that will appear across digital media, featuring stories like Steve, whose helmet saved him from a serious brain injury when he crashed while riding with friends.

The campaign also includes an in-store exhibition program at a number of motorcycle accessory retailers, which displays the actual gear these riders were wearing on the day their lives changed.

The campaign will engage with riders at those decisive moments – whether that’s before jumping on the bike or buying their next set of gear – to reiterate the importance of protecting themselves on every ride.

The Gear Box will be supported by the TAC’s ‘Protect Your Entire Body on Every Ride’ education campaign, which will re-run this spring – the hard-hitting campaign highlights the shocking injuries that motorcycle riders could avoid by wearing safety gear.