New black ice technology on Midland Highway

A newly installed black ice detection and warning system will help to keep drivers safe on the Midland Highway near Ballarat in time for winter.

The new system is part of a major safety upgrade on the Midland Highway between Ballarat and Creswick.

Installed near the intersection of the Midland Highway and Kennedys Road at Mount Rowan, the new warning system will help to prevent run-off-road and head-on collisions, making travel safer for thousands of drivers during colder weather.

The new warning system uses infrared cameras to monitor the road surface for the presence of water or ice, and remotely activates a warning light to alert drivers to potential hazards.

Black ice can pose a major danger to drivers in regional areas during the winter months, affecting their ability to steer and brake effectively.

If drivers do hit black ice, they should avoid any sudden steering or braking movements, and where possible should avoid travelling in the early hours of the morning with forecast sub-zero temperatures.

The new warning system comes on top of construction of a roundabout at Kennedys Road and the Midland Highway, which will make it easier and safer for drivers to travel through this busy intersection.

Other upgrades delivered as part of the $14.5 million Midland Highway package include a new roundabout at the interchange of the Western and Midland highways, flexible roadside safety barriers, intersection upgrades, rumble strip line marking to alert drivers if they begin to veer from their lane, and improved line marking.

The upgrades to the Midland Highway are part of a $1.4 billion investment in reducing road trauma, being delivered by Regional Roads Victoria in partnership with the TAC.