New agency to strengthen transport safety

The Victorian Government will create a new authority to lead and manage safety regulations across key transport sectors, unifying the expertise of regulators to increase safety for all Victorians.

From July 2022, the new regulator will bring the functions of Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria (CPVV) and Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) together, to make it easier for Victorians to access the information and services they need including compliance, accreditation and registration.

The new dedicated regulator will lead and manage Victoria’s transport safety regulations and compliance, managing safety for all users and operators of commercial passenger vehicles, buses and waterway vessels.

This includes registrations and accreditation for marine, bus and commercial passenger vehicles.

It will bring together leading experts to deliver education, support and direction to the operators, managers and users of Victoria’s commercial passenger vehicles, bus and waterway systems.

Bringing the two regulators together into one entity will increase safety across key transport sectors by strengthening existing resources and allowing for experience, skills, monitoring and enforcement to be seamlessly shared across the transport portfolio. 

While the final structure of the new entity will be determined in the coming months, all current CPVV and TSV employees will transfer to the new entity and there will be no forced job losses.

The formation of this new regulator is helping the Government deliver an integrated, sustainable and safe transport system, with better safety outcomes. 

The recruitment process for the head of this new transport safety regulator will soon commence. Cameron Toy will continue as Director of TSV and Tammy O’Connor will continue as Interim CEO of CPVV.