myki registration crucial for contact tracing

Public transport passengers are being urged to ensure they touch on and off with their myki card as well as register their card to make sure they can be contacted if a public transport service becomes an exposure site.

Over the past few days more than 20 exposure sites have been listed on the public transport network, with some categorised by the Department of Health as Tier 1.

The Department of Health advises passengers on those services must get tested immediately and quarantine for 14 days from the date of the exposure.

Register your myki
However, with many passengers either not touching on or using a registered myki, it has been difficult for contact tracers to identify the exact service and time.  

Last week, 48 per cent of all touch-ons used a registered myki.
The Department of Transport works closely with the Department of Health when public transport services and locations are named as exposure sites and uses a combination of myki data and CCTV to identify and contact passengers. 
When conducting interviews, the Department of Health will ask for a myki card number if the person has travelled on public transport. Having these details means the Department of Transport can locate exact travel patterns and alert other passengers travelling on those services within hours. 

Registering your myki also means that you can view your own travel patterns on the transport network through your online account, set up auto top up and protect your balance if your myki is lost or stolen. 
Victorians are also being asked to ensure their myki details are up to date with a number of passengers unable to be contacted over the last few days due to incorrect contact details. Details can be updated at  
In the Free Tram Zone, passengers must check in using the QR codes at platforms and stops.  
Since 12 July, more than 35,000 people have registered their myki. The Department of Transport is currently offering $10 bonus myki money for the first 60,000 people who register their myki before 8 August 2021. 
The latest Department of Transport data shows public transport patronage numbers are at 15 per cent across all public transport networks, compared to pre-covid travel. 
Passengers can register their myki at, via the PTV app or by calling 1800 800 007, and registration is instant.