Industry Collaboration Keeps Our Supply Chains Moving

We're continuing to support the freight and logistics industry and keep our supply chains moving with the release of a Container Storage Industry Guide.

A Container Storage Working Group, chaired by Freight Victoria was formed earlier this year to understand pressures on the storage of shipping containers and to identify emerging themes and possible solutions. It involved key representatives from across the shipping industry, stevedores, transport operators and peak bodies.

The collaboration contributed to the development of the Industry Guide, a collection of vital insights and feedback from the industry and potential voluntary solutions.

A trial of paperless truck entry to empty container parks has already been launched in partnership with Container Transport Alliance Australia. The Industry Guide will also alert the sector to signs of stress in the container supply chain and potential actions that can be taken in response.

The Victorian freight network underpins the state's economy, providing industries and consumers access to products they need and connecting producers to national and global markets.

Our freight network and connections and contribute $21 billion to the state's economy each year and supporting 260,000 jobs.

Development of the Industry Guide includes detailing key roles, responsibilities, and relationships in the flow of containers and is published here.

Further development of the Working Group’s endorsed performance indicators will be progressed and ultimately incorporated into Victoria’s Voluntary Performance Monitoring Framework.