Independent review to boost ports sector

The first independent review into Victoria’s ports system since 2001 makes 63 recommendations to improve the way this vital industry operates.

Victoria’s commercial ports are critical gateways to international markets, channelling around $26 billion worth of locally produced and manufactured exports and handling almost a quarter of Australia’s total food and fibre exports. 

With freight volumes expected to more than double over the next three decades, the importance of our ports will only grow. 

The Independent Review of the Victorian Ports System is the first holistic review in 20 years.

Over this time, the sector has undergone significant changes, including introducing a third stevedore in 2015 and leasing the Port of Melbourne in 2016.

To support the sustainable economic future of this sector, the Victorian Government endorses all review recommendations and has already taken steps to cut red tape and boost safety by establishing Ports Victoria and starting work on the Victorian Ports Strategy

The Department of Transport is also implementing the Sustainable Local Ports Framework as a critical first step to improve local ports management. 

Local ports support almost 10,000 jobs, contribute around $1 billion in economic benefit every year and have a total replacement value of $650 million.