Guiding road freight

The Victorian Government has renewed its support for newer, safer, cleaner, more efficient road freight vehicles with the launch of a key document charting the future of road freight in the state.

Moving More with Less 2021 recognises that road freight will continue to be a vital contributor to the Victorian economy and that more efficient and productive freight vehicles are key to achieving this.

Moving More With Less outlines a number of actions to encourage the more widespread use of high-productivity freight vehicles (HPFV) to undertake the state’s growing road freight task.

A HPFV is a heavy vehicle combination that exceeds 26 metres in length or has a gross combination mass greater than 68.5 tonnes.

HPFVs also include semi-trailers fitted with a quad-axle group.

A suite of reference vehicle designs has been developed to enable Victorian businesses easier access to the HPFV network.

The designs include quad-axle semi-trailers, quad-tri axle and quad-quad axle B-doubles, 30-metre A-doubles and 36.5-metre A-doubles.

HPFVs operate under the Performance-Based Standards scheme, which tests the vehicle against 16 stringent safety standards and four infrastructure standards before it is permitted on the road.

Moving More With Less focuses on the expansion and upgrade of the Victorian HPFV network and updates and refreshes the original strategy released in 2013.

The release of the new document follows a series of industry forums conducted in early 2020 which identified a number of initiatives that would deliver a big productivity boost to the road freight industry.

Moving More With Less commits to:

  • undertaking further route assessments
  • introducing new reference designs
  • investing in new corridors strengthening the metropolitan freeway network
  • strengthening bridges
  • boosting local road access
  • improving HPFV access to rest areas
  • using on-board mass monitoring to better manage bridges
  • boosting access between intermodal hubs and key freight areas and
  • identifying and removing HPFV pinch-points.