Full Night Network services resume

Full Night Network public transport services will resume from the evening of Friday, 29 October, including a newly expanded Night Bus Network.

The Night Network incorporates train, tram and bus services which operate after midnight on Friday and Saturday nights, and are designed to provide convenient and safe access to Melbourne’s thriving nightlife.
The new bus Night Network includes 21 busy regular routes extended to operate a 24-hour service on weekends, and 13 special routes that will only operate after midnight on weekends.
The changes are designed so that about 200,000 more Melbourne residents will be within 1km of a train, tram, bus or coach overnight service to help them get around Melbourne every weekend.

New night bus services will also connect with the hourly night train services at suburban stations.
For full timetables or to plan your weekend journey, visit ptv.vic.gov.au.