Free Ls And Free Ps Deliver Big Savings For New Drivers

VicRoads are slashing costs for new drivers and their families with the abolition of learner and probationary licence fees, as well as online testing fees.

From Monday, 15 August, aspiring L-platers will save up to $51.40 in licence and online testing fees. While learner drivers going for their P-plates will save up to $133.30 in licence and online hazard perception testing fees.

Over 138,000 Victorians who get their L’s each year and 121,000 who get their P’s will have more money in their pockets thanks to these changes.

Victoria’s new online learner permit and hazard perception tests will also be free from Monday. These tests were made available online last year to provide more options and greater flexibility for aspiring drivers looking to achieve their licence goals anywhere, anytime, with more than 90 per cent of customers now choosing this new option.

Car, motorcycle, and heavy vehicle licence holders of all ages will also benefit from reintroduction of the Safe Driver Discount. Drivers who have not incurred demerit points or committed road safety offences in the previous three years will receive a 25 per cent discount off their next licence renewal, meaning a saving of up to $73 on a new ten-year driver licence.The Safe Driver Discount will recommence for driver licence renewals generated after 1 October 2022.

These changes build on other initiatives to reduce costs for motorists and promote road safety.

Since 2016, the Free Licence Scheme has provided free licences to young drivers under the age of 21 who complete both their red and green probationary periods with no traffic offences or demerit points. Over 153,000 young Victorians have saved up to $85.50 on their first full licence through this scheme.

Up to 1,000 young drivers in regional Victoria will also be able save money and ditch their older model cars for a safer, more modern vehicles through the expansion of the unsafe2safe program, which is providing a $5,000 subsidy for safer, newer vehicles.

For more information about licence and registration services in Victoria or to access the online learner permit and hazard perception tests, head to