Finding new homes for old trains

More than 800 retired train carriages, locomotives and trams will be found new homes through an expression of interest process.

Retired rolling stock is currently housed at the Newport rail yards, taking up valuable space that could be put to better use. 

As part of the rehoming process, VicTrack is looking for an innovative and experienced commercial provider to develop a business model to deal with the rolling stock that has been retired.

This will include managing the ongoing pipeline of older rolling stock coming off the network in the future as new trains and trams arrive.

The provider could partner with the State Government, or operate as a standalone commercial venture, and may have the opportunity to use part of Newport for its operations.

A successful and profitable operation could provide jobs and opportunities within the Newport Workshops, and for the broader community.

The expression of interest is being run by VicTrack and the Department of Transport. For more information, visit