Expanding our network

The Victorian Government has made it easier to move freight on 3000 kilometres of the state’s arterial road network

An expanded set of pre-approved networks for high-productivity freight vehicles (HPFV) will cut down red tape and encourage the use of newer, safer, cleaner, more efficient vehicles.

A pre-approved network removes the need for route assessments, simplifies the application process and shortens the timeframe to get a HPFV on the road, making it easier for farmers and rural exporters to move freight around.

It means an operator can get HPFV access in the 48 hours it takes to apply for a permit from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

The new routes include key freight corridors such as the Murray Valley Highway, Sunraysia Highway and the South Gippsland Highway.

They align with the Principal Freight Network, which identifies those parts of the Victorian road, rail and port network where freight flows are concentrated.

Heavy vehicles are a key driver of the state’s economy and carry 90 per cent of Victoria’s freight.