Driving in bad weather

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a road weather warning for dangerous driving conditions due to expected heavy rain across Victoria today.

Bad weather should prompt drivers to slow down and use extreme care.

Conditions can change quickly, so drivers should be vigilant at all times and avoid travelling during storms if possible.

If you must be on the road, leave extra space to the car in front as braking distances significantly increase in wet conditions.

Drivers should turn their headlights on and be extra vigilant for cyclists and motorbikes which are harder to see.

If the rain becomes too heavy for wipers to cope, drivers should pull over safely and wait for the rain to pass.

Make sure loads are secure, particularly on elevated roadways. Pay attention to overhead signage as speeds are reduced as winds increase.

All travellers are reminded not to walk, ride or drive through flood water. 

Should you encounter fallen power lines, stay well clear and immediately call Triple Zero.